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Mummy Sanity Tote
Mummy Sanity Tote
From £10.00
Blue, teddy bear embellished babies first passport holder available for sale via www.cleybaby.com
He or She, 36 inch, latex, blue confetti filled gender reveal balloon for sale via www.Cleybaby.com
Bridesmaid - attending a wedding with your child blog www.cleybaby.com

8 easy, actionable tips to successfully attend a wedding with your children.

Wedding season is upon us and any seasoned parent knows that without proper planning being a wedding guest with children can be disastrous, so here’s 8 easy, actionable tips to make your day smooth sailing.
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Mother holding child in the sun - mothers day post cover image

5 impactful Mother's day gift ideas

Mothering Sunday is a day for us all to show our appreciation for the women who birthed and raised us but given the magnitude of their roles, one day often isn’t enough to express how grateful we are. Here's 5 fantastic mothers day gifts that go beyond the allotted 24 hours which will have a lasting impact!
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Silhouette of hand in heart shape

5 ways to celebrate Valentine's day when you have children

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the pressure to do something special is ever present, but here’s the catch.. You have children, perhaps even a newborn.

Any parent knows this can put a spanner in the romantic works, so here’s a few tips and tricks to make Valentines day work for you and your partner this year.

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