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5 Ways to keep the kids entertained during the winter

5 Ways to keep the kids entertained during the winter

During the summer it's easy to entertain your child, you just fill them up with sandwiches and ice cream and send them out in the sunshine to play.

As it gets colder, ice cream and outside are not such great options, even though your little ones might not agree.

Here are five, fantastic, frugal ways to keep your kids entertained during the cold months.

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Mummy in a field with baby tied to her back with traditional african cloth

Top 7 New Parent Hacks

You've done it! You're a new parent.. As wonderful as your new title is, the tasks and responsibilities that come with it can be rather daunting so here's 7 parenting hacks that helped make mine and my partners new job as parents that much easier
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Baby girl sitting in tutu, staring at pink and white birthday cake

Parent Friendly One Bowl Birthday Cake

As you've wonderfully decided to make your little ones birthday cake, here's a simple, parent friendly recipe that the most novice cake baker can complete.

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